About me

My name is Esther Serdio Diaz, born in Huelva, Spain and living in the United Kingdom since March 2011.

I started my adventure with enthusiasm, a suitcase, some fears and many dreams.

Emigrating to another country far from the family, somehow gives you superpowers to face living in a different place, to another language and to fight between what you left behind but everything that awaits you to discover, learn and live.

The Iberico Jamon has been part of my gastronomic culture for all my life but it was here in London where I discovered the wonderful world of carving ham and to know more about its production process. Understand that when it is finally brought to your plate and into your mouth, it has gone through years of healing and meticulous care from beginning to end.

SERDIO is my father's last name. He has been my great inspiration. Since I was little, he taught me his passion for Iberico Jamon and values that to this day have helped me fight for achieve my goals.

Loving Iberico Jamon has led me to fulfill a dream in times of Covid, because "The only place where a dream becomes impossible is in our own thoughts"

I invite you to discover through my passion as a ham carver, this wonderful and traditional Spanish product.

Esther Serdio - Ham carver